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The Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke provides a broad group of legal services. Please see the individual pages for information on:

Civil Rights Defense

The Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke has had extensive experience and success defending individuals falsely accused of violating the Civil Rights of others. We have defended numerous claims in the state and federal courts on counts under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, G.L. c. 12, §§ 11H, 11I, and other various causes of action. Our civil rights defense practice is primary geared toward the defense of public safety personnel, and our familiarity in dealing within this sector helps provide an invaluable service to the client.

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about civil rights defense representation, please contact our office.

Criminal Defense

Our attorneys have widespread experience defending individuals and businesses accused or suspected of committing serious criminal violations of State and Federal law. Prior to engaging in private practice, Attorney Timothy M. Burke served as a prosecutor for the D.A.'s office, and prosecuted over 25 murder cases. This background has served to provide invaluable insight into the criminal justice system on behalf of our criminal defense clients.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime or is being questioned in relation to a crime, there are many rights and options available to you. You can take an important step to protect your rights and protect yourself from the potential ramifications. The Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke, provides effective defense to individuals facing criminal charges, including the following areas;

  • Appeals
  • Bank Fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Corporate Crimes
  • Corruption
  • Computer Crimes
  • Drug Possession
  • OUI Crimes
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Extradition
  • Federal Crimes
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Homicide
  • Indecency
  • Mail Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Organized Crime
  • RICO Act Crimes
  • Appeals
  • Sexual Assault Crime
  • Tax Crimes
  • Theft
  • Firearm Related Charges
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Wire Fraud

Our attorneys have wide-spread experience defending businesses and individuals accused or suspected of committing serious criminal violations of State and Federal law.

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys, please contact our office.

Family Law


At the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke, we are sensitive to the emotions of our divorce clients and are committed to minimizing the stress involved in dissolution proceedings. Our attorneys strive to resolve divorce arguments using alternative dispute resolution, collaborative law, or mediation. Often these techniques can resolve divorce disputes and still allow for a hospitable relationship that is necessary when children are involved. While our attorneys encourage resolution through mediation, we have the skill and experience to successfully represent our clients in court when necessary.

Additionally, our family law attorneys routinely handle complicated issues such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Alimony
  • Divorce modifications
  • Enforcement actions


Testamentary planning means setting up the management of your affairs in the event of your death. This not only includes the payment of your debts and disbursements of your liabilities, but also includes making arrangements for the protection of your children.

At the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke we are committed to helping families throughout Massachusetts draft comprehensive testamentary and guardianship documents. Contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding wills, trusts, and other testamentary documents such as the following:

  • Simple wills
  • Wills involving a husband and wife
  • Wills involving children
  • Special or supplemental needs trusts providing for disabled children
  • Testamentary trusts to take effect upon death
  • Structured trusts to distribute money to children at specific ages
  • Charitable trusts
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Pourover wills
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Medicaid trusts

Employment Discrimination

The Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke specialize in the representation of Plaintiffs in all areas of employment-related litigation. Our firm places a particular emphasis on helping people throughout Massachusetts fight workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment, wage and hour violations, and wrongful termination. We handle the full range of state and federal employment law matters, including:

  • Retaliation for being a Whistleblower
  • Discrimination claims based on sex, race, religion, and national origin, as well as age discrimination claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
  • Disability related claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Section 1983 civil rights claims
  • Common law wrongful discharge claims
  • Employment defamation claims

Our attorneys have the requisite local knowledge and experience to provide skilled and effective legal representation to our clients who face any employment related litigation.

Labor Union Representation

Since 1986, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke have protected the rights of employees through their labor organizations, earning the firm a distinguished reputation for their aggressive representation, committed counsel, and ability to handle complex negotiations with professionalism.

At the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke, we represent public employee unions in all phases of collective bargaining and civil litigation. Our labor law services include negotiation of labor contracts, disciplinary defense, defending rights guaranteed in labor contracts, litigating disputes involving breaches of labor contracts, representing unions at the American Arbitration Association, and representing clients during grievance arbitration.

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about labor law representation, please contact our office.

Additionally, as a service to police and other public safety employees, we have established the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke Legal Defense Fund. For a flat membership fee, members of the Legal Defense Fund are represented by our firm in various claims arising from the members' execution of their duties.

Motor Vehicle / Registry

Our attorneys have been representing clients charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol in Massachusetts for over 30 years. Most individuals who have been arrested for drunk driving face revocation of their driving privileges. At the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke our attorneys will aggressively assert your rights to preserve your license and driving privileges.

Put our experience and knowledge to work for you. Let us help you navigate through the legal complications that arise from an O.U.I charge.

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about an O.U.I. charge, please contact our office for a free consultation.

Personal Injury

A personal injury is any harm or wrong done to your person, property, rights, or reputation caused by the negligence, unlawful, or unsafe action of another. Personal injuries can occur to any one at any time and have a lasting, sometimes devastating affect on an individual's life.

If you would like to speak with an attorney at Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke, please contact our office to arrange a free consultation.

Automobile Accidents:
At the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke we have extensive experience in handling motor vehicle accident injury claims. If you suffered a serious injury, we will arrange to have medical and economic experts assist in an accurate calculation of your losses. Our attorneys will work to identify all possible sources of compensation for your loss.

A majority of motor vehicle accident injury claims are resolved through pre-trial settlements, eliminating the time and uncertainty of a trial. However, our firm has over 30 years of litigation experience if it becomes necessary to take your case to trial. We have helped literally hundreds of individuals obtain compensation for their injuries.

Medical Malpractice:
Personal injury can sometimes result from the negligence or wrongful behavior of a medical professional or their employees. These injuries may case irreversible damage and result in extensive medical expenses. These injuries include nursing home abuse, slip and falls, dehydration, overmedication, broken bones, bed sores, or other injuries. In situations such as these, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Dram Shop Liability:
Not only can drunk drivers be held liable for your injuries caused in a drunk driving accident, but so can the establishments that served alcoholic beverages to obviously intoxicated individuals who inflict serious injury on themselves or others.

At the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke, we represent those suffering the aftermath of a provider's decision to over-serve an intoxicated patron. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about a dram shop liability claim, please contact our office for a free consultation.

Premises Liability:
The Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke have a reputation for providing quality results to those who have been injured on property owned by someone else. When you are injured on dangerous or defective property, you may be able to obtain compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our Lawyers have obtained results for clients who have been injured because of:

  • Foreign substances on floors
  • Products falling from shelves in stores
  • Potholes
  • Broken steps
  • Snow or ice
  • Poor lighting
  • Unmarked hazards
  • Negligent security

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about an O.U.I. charge, please contact our office for a free consultation.

Real Estate

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Timothy M. Burke have extensive experience in guiding businesses and individuals through real estate transactions. Our attorneys have the knowledge necessary to assist our clients with real estate litigation including:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Land use and zoning disputes
  • Commercial landlord-tenant law
  • Breach of contract / fiduciary issues
  • Boundary disputes / easements
  • Construction defects
  • Non-disclosure, fraud, rescission

Our firm also helps clients with residential transactions, purchase and sale agreements or buy and sell agreements, lease contracts, and commercial real estate investing.

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about an O.U.I. charge, please contact our office for a free consultation.

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